Board of Directors


Managing Director

Dr. S. Kala is a Managing Director of the company. Dr. Kala has finished Master of Computer Application.

She has been awarded Doctorate in Wellness and Well Being for her excellent service to the humanity.


Mrs. Shreekalaivani is from HRD and Event Mangement System. Mrs. Shreekalaivani has completed Bachelor degree in Arts. She is not a Chairman/Member of any Committee of the Board. He does not hold any Equity shares of the Company. Mrs. Shreekalaivani is not related to any of the directors of the company . None of the directors or Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) of the Company is concerned or nterested, financial or otherwise in this resolution.

Mrs. Kamini Baskar

Mrs. Mrs.Kamini Baskar- Baskar  is having vast experience in Event Management, product promotional Activities and conducting conference meeting

Mr. Y Ashrafali

Mr. Y.Ashraf Ali n  is the IT Technical Software Engineer and an  is also associated with Technical analysts in software developing and web development programming. Mr. Y.Ashraf Ali   has completed MCA