Change of Address

If there is a change in my address what is the procedure to get it recorded with the company?

The change in address is effected on receipt of written request from the members. The request should be signed by all the holders, and the signatures must tally with the specimen signatures recorded with RTA. The change in address is effected within a period of 15 days and confirmed by sending a postal intimation to the shareholders.

Can there be multiple addresses for a single folio?
No. There can be only one registered address for one folio.

If the shares are dematted, what is the procedure for change of address?
Since your Depository Participant (DP) maintains your records of dematted shares, you have to inform DP about any change in your address. Your DP will then pass on this information to RTA for all future correspondence like dispatch of Annual Accounts or payment of dividend or any communication relating to corporate action etc.

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