Company Profile

The Company was originally incorporated as a Private Limited Company in the name of M/s.RGN Securities Pvt.Ltd under the Companies Act,1956 on October 1992, with the main objects, inter alia.

To carry on the business of merchant banking, investment banking and share and stock brokering. On 19th April 1995, the company was converted into a Public Limited Company in the name of M/s. RGN Securities and Holdings Ltd. The main objects of the company after converting into public company is as follows:

To act as Manager, advisers, consultants, to any company engaged in the issue of any shares, debentures and securities to the public or to shareholders on private placement and to look after any work connected with the issue, either pre-issue /post issue and to carry on the business of Merchant Banking activities which includes Capital Market Operations, and issue management.

To carry on the business as investment company whether in India or else where and to invest the funds of the company in purchasing or otherwise acquiring by original subscription tender, purchase exchange, underwriting or sub-underwriting or by participation in syndicate or otherwise any shares , stocks, debentures, bonds and securities of any kind and to hold buy sell and deal with the same.

To undertake and pursue the business as share and stock brokers / dealers underwriters, market makers in stocks , shares, debentures, bonds and other securities in any one or more recognized stock exchanges in the country as members .

To provide specialized services in investor relations, investment counseling including portfolio management and to act as registrars to the issue of shares debentures and fixed deposits and other securities and also share transfer agents

The company came with public issue of 950000 Equity Shares of Rs.10/-each for cash at par offer to public aggregating to Rs.95 lacs to the general public.

The total paid up capital of the company after the public M/s. Cameo Corporate Services Ltd issue stood as Rs.320 lacs. The shares are listed on both Madras and Bombay stock exchanges. The company has appointed M/s. Cameo Corporate Services Ltd has been appointed as Registrar and Share Transfer Agent of the company.

The company has entered into tripartite agreement between the company, National Securities and Depository Limited and M/s. Cameo Corporate Services Ltd on 12-05-2008 for de-materlization of shares of the company to facilitate the company shares to be traded in the electronic mode as per the SEBI guidelines